Friday, December 7, 2012

Knitted scale mail gloves

While at Gen Con this year, I took a workshop on how to make scale mail bracers.  It was a great workshop and this was my finished project:

The only problem is, tying up the bracer is really difficult solo.  I wanted something with scales, but that was easy to put on and that when I found plans for knitted scale mail bracers.

I learned to knit, just so I could make a pair and here's how my first glove turned out:

It's a little too loose for my liking, so I'll need to make a version 2.0. :)

Speaking of workshops at Gen Con, I also learned how to weave chainmail.  I went through a spree where I was an addict at making chainmail dice bags.  I now have more than I need.  Here's a few that I've made:

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