Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things I want to try

I come across sooooo many amazing tutorials, I've decided that bookmarking them wasn't sufficient enough. The little entry here will document all the tutorials I've gotta try!!
Easy granny square crocheting tutorial
Official Sailor Moon Amigurumi Pattern (I'd much rather have the original version, but it's hard to find in Japan :( )
Jewelry Making
Anthropologie Bonheur Necklace

Lanvin Inspired Bracelet
Ribbon and Pearl Necklace
Ribbon Pearl Necklace
Ribbon and Pearl Necklace (obviously, someone has a thing for ribbon and pearls :P )
Paper Crafts
Make awesome Harry Potter Wand
Polymer Clay
Oborochann Octopus Charm Tutorial (loooove this! so irresistibly cute! if you look in her gallery, she also has a tutorial for making a strawberry and panda charm. but, this one is my fave.)
Oolong's Zoo: How I make cats
The Polymer Clay Spot: Seven Petal Rose (dude, the rose earrings are awesome!)
Plushie Making Tutorial
Another Plushie Making Tutorial (super cute alien)
Reversible Scalloped Apron Tutorial
Reversible Tie-top Handbag Tutorial
Sweetheart Pin-cushion
Vampire Bunny Plushie
Wee Wonderful's Pointy Kitty
Leather Accessories
Posterized Wood Plaque

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Prefer readonly to const!

Prefer readonly to const! Ugh! I'm such a dummy!

Seriously! I never imagined I would find myself in a situation where it would bite me in the rear! -___-'

I made a 'fix' in some code where we had a connection string temporarily hard-coded. Unfortunately, I didn't noticed the const identifier on the variable declaration. I replaced the string literal with a property that looked for the connection string in a config file. However, because the type was a const the variable was compiled with the literal instead of only retrieving it at runtime from the config.

I probably wasted hundreds of dollars because of this mistake. :(