Friday, July 15, 2011

One too many craft books...

I own several dozen craft books with more on the way.  The sad part is only a small handful of them have I actually used! *face palm* So, I've decided as motivation to get around to producing projects from these books I'll challenge myself by writing a blog review for each one. There's one condition prior to writing the review: I gotta finish a project in the book first!

I have a ton of Japanese craft books and sometimes it's hard to find reviews on some of the titles, so I'll probably start with those books first. I'll start with the small goal of one book review a  month and hopefully bump that up to at least 2 a month.

Anywho, I finished an amigurumi project recently:

She's Angel Salvia from the anime Wedding Peach.  I haven't really watched the anime myself; she was a request from my cousin. 

In addition to that, I finished an amigurumi elephant for a craft swap I'm in: 

His pattern came from Ana Paula's first amigurumi book, Seriously Cute Crochet.  This is a good book to get started with making your own amigurumi animals. *smile*

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