Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Plushies and more...

I haven't been extremely productive as far as crafting is concerned, but I've recently finished two craft swaps on craftster and I figured I should show off my creations here. (There's really not much to show off.)

First up is a chibi, clay charm version of Mass Effect 2's Miranda Lawson. I made her using Premo polymer clay, acrylic paint and Sculpey glaze.

Next we have a plush version of Miranda.  I made her using BabyLondonStar's famous plushie pattern.  This is the first time I've used the pattern and it's the second humanoid plushie I've made. I'm improving... 

Here's a group image of the plushie, charm and a N7 necklace I made. The necklace was made using a glass pendant, some Mod Podge and Diamond Glaze.

Finally, the second plushie I made is of Otoha from the anime Karas. He's an improvement over Miranda, but I screwed up his feet. :(  Unlike Miranda, he's 100% machine sewn (well, except for connecting his head to his body). I wish I was better at clothing making as well. He would look much more like the character he is inspired by if I had made added a sports jacket of sorts. :/

The next plush I make will probably be a Sailor Moon character. :)

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