Saturday, September 4, 2010

*sigh* I'm hopelessly addicted to Japanese craft books!

They're much more interesting than most American ones I come across. Unfortunately, just when I think I'm satified with my current collection, I always find more that I fall in love with. :-(

Recently, I've taken a great interest in doll making. What sparked this interest was me stumbling upon Bunka dolls. Extremely cute cloth dolls.

I found a pretty good tutorial on making the dolls. But, that wasn't enough for me. I searched around and found this book:

It's currently in route from Japan to my house, and I eagerly await it's arrival. Anyways, after discovering Bunka dolls, I decided to look more into Japanese handmade dolls and I found all kinds of adorable dolls to make. My searches eventually led me to ball jointed dolls. So while searching for a great book to get started on the topic, I found this guy:

From what I read, it's one of the best on the subject. I purchased a copy on Hobby Link Japan. (This seems to be a good site to purchase reasonably priced doll books.) I also got really lucky and found a translation available for the book. :-D

I'm currently on a quest to get ahold of two Japanese hemp books from the publisher Ondori. The one I REALLY want is Hemp Strings and Stones:

Unfortunately, the one place that had a copy is now sold out! :-( I requested for two people to search to see if they can find it in Japan, so hopefully one will have luck! :-)

I hope once my quest for the two hemp books end, I will then be content with my current collection of craft books. I have dozens and I've no finished projects to show for it. :-(

I blame my poor time management skills for that one, >:-( but I do hope to do better. A finished craft a week would be a nice goal. :-P

I'll be sure to post reviews on the books once they arrive and I've finished one project!

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  1. Major bummer. One of the two has reported back that she is unable to find the hemp book.

    I haven't heard back from the other. :(