Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ambitious much?


It is most unfortunate. Despite the size of my ever growing craft book collection, I've not one craft to show for it. This fact is very discouraging and has prompt me to create a goal of sorts: At least one completed project a week.

Simple enough, no?

I think so. This week I shall start with a small amigurumi project, a really cute and free Onigiri couple pattern curtsy of HandmadeKitty. I've actually almost completed one save sewing on the details, and I've got two more in the works. Maybe I can complete each project before Monday. We shall see!

If I some how pull this off by Monday, I shall complete a bunka doll next. My book came in today. :3 It's full of pretty pictures and one full pattern. It really sucks that I cannot understand a single word, but fortunately (as with most Japanese craft books), following the instructions is pretty straight forward. :D

(If you would like to create a bunka doll of your own, but you're unable to find a copy of this book, here's a really good tutorial at Three-Fourths.)

Well anywho, wish me luck!


Hmmmm...I almost forgot. I ordered some polymer clay tools this past week. Should they arrive by Wednesday, let's add the goal of making at least one piece of miniature food in polymer clay. :D

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  1. *grumbles* it is now Monday evening and I haven't begun the other onigiris :(

    I blame the pain my wisdom teeth are bringing me! :(