Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Less Pinning, More Doing!

In recent days I've become somewhat of a Pinaholic.  When I wake up, I'm on Pinterest. Before I go to bed, I'm on Pinterest.  Something is compiling, I'm on Pinterest!  It has become quite ridiculous actually.  So, I've decided to challenge myself.  Instead of sitting around pinning all day, I'm going to spend more time actually doing the stuff I'm pinning!

So far, I'm off to a good start.

One day while browsing the "Home Decor" board on Pinterest, I came across this pin:

I fell in love with the idea of storing pans in a basket!  Previously, I would have to rummage through the drawer under the oven.  It has always been a frustrating experience.

I found the most perfect sized basket at Target, and I picked up my pan rack from Walmart.  Put the two together plus all my pans and we get this:

Here's another shot from above. I'm so excited to pull my pans out from this guy. :)

Up next, I found this yummy looking herby mushroom pasta from BBC Good Food:

This was really easy to make.  The only modification I made was adding a dash or so of salt.

Here's a shot of my bowl:

Finally, the cold weather has really put me in the mood for crocheting.  I stumbled across this super cute pin featuring these adorable teddy amigurumi ornamaents:

This was a super easy project, and I finished it over the coarse of two days.  Here's my final product:

He's so cute. :)

It's sorta depressing sitting around pinning all this cool stuff all day, but not really acting on it.  I saw this on pin and found it very encouraging:

So hopefully, there's someone out there that find it as equally encouraging!

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