Sunday, July 8, 2012

Star Wars Themed Apron

For a friend's birthday, I really wanted to make her a homemade gift. So after brainstorming a bit, I came up with the idea of making a Star Wars themed apron! I searched online for some licensed Star Wars fabric and I found the most perfect pattern at Jo Ann's.

I used this super cute sweetheart apron pattern from the Etsy seller prettylittlepearl that I had purchased a while ago.

Here is a photo of the work in progress:

The apron on the left was more of a "lesson's learned" project. I'm still a noob when it comes to sewing and I didn't want to screw up with the pretty Star Wars fabric.

And here's me trying on the final work:

It's the first sewing project I've finished in a while. I have just enough leftover fabric, maybe I'll make one for myself. :)

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